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A Rome Walking Tour is the best way to appreciate the beauty of the city centre: Ancient Rome remains, romantic fountains, splendid Churches and famous Squares, which images never stop going round the world. The Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Venezia, Piazza Navona, the Pantheon and many other sites along the way




Meeting at Piazza del Popolo

Meeting with our guide in Piazza del Popolo, at the agreed time

Piazza del Popolo

This Rome walking tour of the most beautiful Fountains and Squares starts in Piazza del Popolo with the peculiarity of its twin Churches. You will admire Rome’s most ancient original obelisk In its centre andthe magnificent fountains of Valadier. Behind the simple facade of Santa Maria del Popolo, you will find incredible masterpieces.

Fountain of Barcaccia

Elegance is the main characteristic of the Spanish Steps, a real magnet for anyone in Rome! You will admire the Fontana Della Barcaccia (boat) at the foot of its wide stairway. In Italian it is called Scalinata (stairway) di Trinità dei Monti , named after the church on the top of the hill.

Trevi Fountain

Hidden in narrow back streets, you will reach Trevi Fountain, the largest and most spectacular Roman fountain, built at the end of one of the aqueducts that provided water during the Roman Empire. Be certain to toss a coin over your left shoulder into its water, to ensure your return to Rome

Piazza Venezia

The monumental building at the foot of the Capitoline Hill in Piazza Venezia, is the 20th century white marble Vittoriano, a memorial in honour of King Victor Emanuel II. Dedicated to the “Milite Ignoto”, the Unknown Soldier, it wants to keep alive the sacrifice of every soldier that lost his life during the first world war and was never identified.

Piazza Colonna

Piazza Colonna is the rectangular square named after Marco Aurelio Column, which is located in its centre and erected in his honour by the Roman Senate in the first century A.D. It is still there to remind us his victorious wars. Among other historical palaces, Palazzo Chigi is the Presidency of the Council of Ministers’ seat.


An ancient masterpiece: the Pantheon, looking as it were only a few centuries old! Miraculously well preserved, it was completed in 128 A.D. by Hadrian and its diameter has never been equalled. Its square, a gathering place, is decorated with a lovely 16th century fountain, surmounted by an original Egyptian obelisk

Piazza Navona

During this Tour, one cannot miss the most popular and large square, Piazza Navona. In its center stands the glorious Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers, representing the Nile, the Ganges, the Danube and the Rio de la Plata. Here artists peddle their works






Our private tours are exclusively designed for you and your party and no external people will be added to your group! Our guide will be at your disposal and will customize the tour to suit your interest, time and taste. The little details make the difference between a good day and a perfect day!

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Prices are per participant

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STARING TIME At your chioce
 INCLUDEDProfessional Certified Guide
ADVICES AND USEFUL INFORMATIONComfortable shoes and do not forget your camera

Wandering around in Rome or during a walking tour always bring with you a scarf to cover your shoulder, in case you go into a church ( they have different opening times and you do not always find them open). All churches require people to cover their knees and shoulders

If you are wondering why choosing Rome Magic Tour for your vacation in Rome, here are some good reasons:

This is one of our exclusive tours. We designed it for those who love the ancient Rome history.

Experienced and certified guides lead our “interactive” Walking Tours to avoid boring speeches!

Our walking tours are the finest, most comprehensive, and thought provoking walks available. Take one and you will come back for more!

Tour suitable for children: our guides know how to involve kids in the visit. It will be an exclusive purpose of experiential learning.

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St. Peter's BasilicaNo other city in Europe matches Rome in its traditions, history and art. After the Middle Ages, when the Popes left Rome, many historical monuments laid in ruins. In 1420, with the return of the Papacy, a tremendous amount of buildings enriched the city centre with treasures in the Renaissance and in the Baroque style, starting a long process of urban, cultural and economic renewal. Rome became the symbol of the Roman Catholic Church and Europe’s cultural centre for architects, sculptors, musicians and painters. The Vatican with St. Peter’s Basilica are the greatest examples of the triumph of the Arts, as well as numerous other Palaces and Churches of any religious order. During this walking tour you will learn the peculiarities of those styles: the spectacular Piazza del Popolo, Piazza Venezia with the famous homonymous Palace and so on, all along the itinerary, including an incredible masterpiece of the Baroque style, Trevi Fountain