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Our Colosseum Tours include not only the ‪impressive amphitheater, but also the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill. Book a Private Tour and follow the footsteps of Roman Emperors with our expert Guides! Perfect for Families with Children!


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 INCLUDED Professional Certified Guide for the Colosseum Tours

Skip the Line Entrance Ticket

ADVICE AND USEFUL INFORMATION Skip the line service is always included, but we cannot avoid metal detector security checks. In order to make the process smoother, we suggest that you remove your belt, metal watch, keys, phone and money form the pockets. They may ask to check your bag.

Big backpacks, luggage, liquids and large umbrellas are not allowed. You can bring regular handbags and small backpacks inside the site.

Children’s reductions are guaranteed but we cannot collect their tickets before your arrival. You might spend some minutes more waiting in line. Agencies cannot bypass this Colosseum rule and must go to the kiosk with the kids.



If you are wondering why choosing Rome Magic Tour for the Colosseum Tours, here are some good reasons:

All of our tours are private, not public. So the tour is arranged just for you and yours.

Choose this Private Tour with our experienced and friendly guides to enjoy a unique, fun and worry free experience!

Just book! We will take care of everything!

Moreover the tour is suitable for children: our guides know how to involve kids in the visit. It will be an exclusive purpose of experiential learning

Perfect for school trips: our agency welcomes students on their trip. Kids are always happy about their guides and assistants. Far from being boring trips! Ask for a quotation

Our guide will ensure your skip the line service




Meeting with our guide in front of the exit of the Colosseum Underground Station at the agreed time for this Ancient Rome Tour

Colosseum tour

It’s time to enter the Colosseum, the emblem of Rome and Italy. It was built by Emperor Vespasian to entertain all Roman people , rich and poor, with many different shows, like cruel fights between gladiators and between gladiatrix ( female gladiators), Terrible hunts took place here, the “venatories” (fights with wild beasts). The Colosseo, this huge amazing building, where 50.000 spectators could quickly find their seats shaded by a huge awning, is still a model for all modern Stadiums.

Roman Forum tour

The second part of the tour is a journey into Ancient Rome. The Roman Forum is the biggest archaeological site in the world. Your guide will bring to life thousands of years of history, anecdotes and legends. You will learn how the architecture of the modern Christian Basilica was taken from the ancient Roman basilica, obviously built for different purposes. The Basilica Emilia and Julia are still visible, as well as the well preserved Triumphal Arches, the Temple of Divo Julius, Vespasian, Saturn and many other buildings.

Palatine Hill tour

The Palatine Hill is the most ancient part of Rome, where Romulus founded the “Square Rome”, destined to become the world’s biggest Empire. Augustus, Tiberius, Maxentius and many others decided to build their Palaces here, among the remains of Romulus wall and the huts dating back to 4.000 years. (one more fact: Palatine comes from Palatium, meaning palace ). His panoramic position still offers amazing views on the Eternal City!
"visita colosseo"
Palatine Hill